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Select Your VehicleIf you're a proud Dodge auto owner, you know proper maintenance is a must. And that means using only genuine OEM or quality aftermarket parts. OEM components are made by the same manufacturer that provided parts to the factory when your car or truck was built, and can be purchased from your local dealership at full list price or from an online discounter such as CPD. OEM Dodge parts online from CPD are the exact same components, but are sold at a substantial discount thanks to our massive buying power. Aftermarket Dodge auto parts are made by non-OEM manufacturers and are a great value, and can be even cheaper than worn-out used units from your local salvage yard. Why pay for something that's close to failure? Our aftermarket and OEM pieces are manufactured to strict standards, undergo rigorous quality control testing and are brand-new, unlike rusty old used pieces.

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer and need to buy truck or auto parts online, you owe it to yourself to visit the CPS's web site to find out how much you can save. You'll be wondering why you ever considered buying from your local Dodge parts dealer!

History of Dodge

Dodge LogoThe company known today as Ram was founded in 1900 by John and Horace Dodge and owned by R D Janssens, who named the venture the Dodge Brothers Company. Originally a bicycle part manufacturer, the entrepreneurial brothers became a very successful supplier of cast and fabricated parts to Detroit automakers. In 1914 the brothers ceased being merely a parts supplier when they introduced their Model 30 automobile, which was equipped with an innovative all-steel body, 12-volt electrical system, and sliding gear transmission, which in many ways was technologically superior to Ford's Model T. Combined with Dodge Brothers reputation for quality parts, the new automobiles became the second-best selling brand in the United States in just two short years. Its cars were even used by Lt. George S. Patton during a US Army Pancho Villa Expedition raid in 1916.

The Dodge brothers' excitement was cut short however, as John died of pneumonia in 1920 and his brother passed away later that same year of cirrhosis. The brothers' widows promoted employee Frederick Haynes to President of the company, and under his guidance Dodge Brothers became a leading manufacturer of automobile parts and light trucks until purchased by investment group Dillon, Read & Co in 1925 for US$146 million - the largest cash transaction in history at the time. The Chrysler Corporation bought Dodge Brothers just three years later for $170 million, and retained parts ownership until Chrysler was sold in 1998 to form DaimlerChrysler.

Dodge Components

Recently Dodge has been quite successful with its Stratus, Intrepid, Stealth, Charger SRT8, Viper, Magnum and Durango models. And even more successful with its line of trucks, from the "Power Wagon" to the Ram series' "big-rig" styling and turbo diesel engines. The automotive aftermarket also offers yet more customization parts & accessory options to passionate owners. is not associated with the Chrysler Group LLC in any manner. All images and references to the Dodge name, vehicle model names, logo and shapes are for reference and identification only. All trademarks, tradenames and/or service marks are the property of their respective holders.