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Launched in 1987 as a competitor to the Chevy S-10 (which was released the previous year), Chrysler rushed production on a small truck that would take over for the Jeep Comanche. Dodge Dakota parts used many of the same components found on other Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles in order to keep production cost low and provide an easy and quick debut. It was larger than the S-10 and Ranger, its main competition, but smaller than the larger Silverado or Ram, thus creating a very small market called the "mid-size pickup". It was large enough to accommodate an optional V8 engine, which was a first for any smaller-than-full-size pickup. This was the perfect vehicle to round out Dodge's line of pickups, and worked well with Chrysler's new plan to make Jeep an SUV manufacturer and Dodge a truck manufacturer. Fun fact: in 1989, a very rare Dodge Dakota convertible was produced in extremely limited numbers