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Dodge Ramcharger Parts

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Conceived by Dodge in the late 1960's as a competitor to the Blazer and Bronco, the Ramcharger offered fans of the Dodge brand a shot at a full-size SUV based on the D-Series chassis. It was a rugged 2-door vehicle, available in rear-wheel or 4-wheel drive that was very popular amongst the off-road community. Nowadays, most that still survive are equipped with aftermarket Dodge Ramcharger parts like suspension lift kits, transmission conversions, running boards, and roll cages. Like the Bronco and Blazer, the top on the Ramcharger was removable. Unfortunately, sales for the Ramcharger never surpassed its competition so production was ceased in 1993. Its successor, the Durango, would take over a few years later. Fun fact: during its development and pre-production stages, the working title for this project was the "Rhino".