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Chevrolet Door Handle

Every Chevrolet door handle is made for specific models, and will be unique to the side of the car where it will mount. This is one of the many parts on your car that is not easily interchangeable with other models, and is required to function correctly so access to the interior of your vehicle is possible. There are two basic types of door handles made for Chevrolet models. There is the older push button type and the lever action type used today. This is an auto part that generally lasts the lifetime of your car. The breaking of a Chevrolet door handle requires this part to have excessive force applied to it. The section of the door handle that give and breaks most of the time is place on the interior of the door where the lever attaches. If this happens then replacement of the door handle is a must, because the metals and plastics in the door handle for most Chevrolet models cannot be welded together. To replace an old door handle the removal of the doors interior panel is required. The levers and locking mechanism is also required. If the lock is located in the handle itself, make sure you have the new key or you could get accidently locked out of your car. Once all of the attaching parts are connected the door panel can be reattached. It is advisable to test the workings of this part before you reinstall the door panel just in case any adjustments are necessary. The door handle on your Chevrolet will not improve the handling or performance of your car. What it will do is to help get you in the car so sliding thru an open window is not required. That might be fun as a kid, but older adults do not enjoy it as much.

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