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A new GMC door handle will not help the truck to perform any better, but it will make gaining access to the driver seat easier. This is not a body part that commonly wears out. The most typical reason for it to need replacing is when way too much force is being applied to it in an attempt to open the door. The exterior door handle has always been standard equipment on all vehicles GMC has made. In the past, handles were usually steel or pot metal that was chrome plated or painted. Now, you are more likely to find plastic handles on most GMC trucks or vans. The replacing of a GMC door handle is a simple process if you have access to a basic tool set. Access to the inner portion of it can be accomplished by the removal of the inner door panel. The glass potion of the window should be placed in the upper most position before any work begins. The door handle will have two bars or levels attached to it that will have to be disconnected. One is for the opening of the door. The other is connected to the locking mechanism of the door. Once disconnected the mounting bolts for the door handle can be removed and the new one put into place. For some models there is a polymer grommet to help seal the area in which the door handle protrudes to the outside so moisture will not enter the inner door panel. It should be put into place with care not to rip it. With the two connections reattached to the new door handle, it should be tested to ensure no fine adjustments are necessary for it to work properly before the inner door panel is put back in place on your GMC truck and the repair job is complete.

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