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Why is driving with broken door mirror glass so bad?

Most people do not realize how much they depend on their door mirror glass while they are driving down the road. This is a very important part of safe driving because the average attentive driver glances at these mirrors about 20 percent of their driving time. If your mirrors are cracked, chipped or have black spots this will obstruct your vision and effect the way that things appear to you. Sometimes when a mirror is damaged it can make things appear closer or farther away than they really are. If the mirror assembly has broken or loose glass this can be dangerous especially to curious children that may be tempted to touch the glass and could get cut or hurt. It is very important that you maintain your door mirror glass. The existing damage could possibly cause an accident or other damage to your vehicle. Your vehicle is one the most important investments you make in your lifetime so it's essential to keep it in good running condition. That's why you should replace damaged door mirror glass as soon as possible to ensure safety for yourself and your passengers.

Door mirror glass: what's the story?

New Door Mirror GlassMost vehicles produced today come equipped with mirrors on both the driver's side and passenger's side of the vehicle to increase visibility and safety. Prior to the 1980's most vehicles only had a door mirror on the driver's side except for trucks and cars designed for towing. The single mirror concept presented a lot of visibility issues and was the reason that some accidents happened especially when backing up. Then both vehicle operators and automotive manufacturers realized that the dual mirror concept made these vehicles less likely to be involved in accidents. They have even changed the laws in a lot of states that require that all vehicles are equipped with mirrors on both sides to pass state inspections. All of this is what led to the dual mirror concept that we have today.

Easy to replace, just wear gloves.

Replacing door mirror glass is a lot easier process than most people think. It costs a lot of money to have done at a professional body shop. You don't need to pay high labor fees at a body shop to have this done correctly. Some of the key points to remember when replacing door mirror glass is to be extremely careful when removing the glass and always use gloves and eye protection. First you remove the old glass from the frame. Then you clean all of the residue off of the frame. Then you install the new door mirror glass using a silicone adhesive. It's that easy and very cost effective to repair it yourself.

Safety, selection, satisfaction.

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