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The Buick door mirror used today is not the same as what was on your grandfather's car. The door mirrors now being fitted on the Buicks rolling off the assembly line can be easily adjusted without the need to touch the mirror or even roll down your window. The adjustment to the angle of the mirror is done by moving the cable end that is attached near the front upper portion on the inside of the door panel. Another way the new types of Buick door mirror differs from those used in the past is today they are also equipped with a heating element. This is advantageous to have in the cold winter months and the driver does not want to roll down their window in order to wipe the snow or ice from the door mirror so they can see cars approaching from behind them. There are only a few reasons for the replacing of a door mirror on your Buick. The most common reason for this auto part needing to be replaced is because your vehicle was involved in an accident and it was damaged. Another common reason could be because an inconsiderate person has hit your door mirror while they were walking past your car when it was in a parking lot or on the street. If this occurs the entire mounting of the mirror could become dislodged or just the reflective portion could be broken and cracked requiring replacement. By law you must have at least one rear view mirror on your car that is functioning at all times. For safety reasons, you should have all 3 mirrors on your Buick in working order. This allows for you to see and know when a vehicle is approaching you from behind and increase the level of safety for you and your passengers when traveling the roads and highways.