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Chevrolet Door Mirror

A functioning Chevrolet door mirror is required so the driver can be safer on the road. When used correctly the driver can use it instead of turning their head around to see if there is any traffic in their path when they want to change lanes or turn a corner. In the past the door mirror that came standard on a Chevrolet was a simple mirror placed on a pivoting ball that had to be adjusted manually by hand. Those days are gone for the newer models. Today there is a handy lever mounted in the front top section of the driver's door panel that controls the pitch and movement of the door mirror. Some models have a lever for both sides of the car. As a new option there is a Chevrolet door mirror with a heating element. This will clear away any fog or ice that might build up on this part in the cold winter months. Again this is done from the warmth and comfort of the interior of your car so you will not have to roll down the window. The parts that wear out on the door mirrors that are currently being placed on Chevrolet models include the heating element and the lever that controls the pitch of the mirror. While both are made to last, failure at some point in time is possible. The replacement of this part is done by removing the door panel and gaining access to the mounting bolts. If you have the heating element on the current mirror, this electrical connection also has to be unplugged. The hold down for the lever must also be removed before the door mirror on your Chevrolet can be removed and replaced.