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The replacing of a Chrysler door mirror can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle if they have mechanical aptitude and a few common tools. The only specialty tool that may possibly be required would be for the removal of the inner door panel. The Chrysler door mirror has gone through several changes since the first one was installed on a vehicle many years ago. The very first door mirrors installed on Chrysler models were of the manual variety. These had to be adjusted by hand. The second type is the mirror with a lever attached to it that mounted on the inside of the car. No longer did the driver have to roll down the window to adjust the door mirror. The third type of mirror is the electric motor adjustable type. To replace the door mirror on your Chrysler, know which type you have. If it is the electric variety, then disconnect the battery first. Remove all of the accessories on the inside of the door panel like the window switch and handle to close the door. The removal of the door panel is next. Once you have access to the interior of your door, disconnect the electrical wire to the mirror if it is electrically controlled. If you have a cable controlling it, that should also be removed at the handle in the door panel. At the mirror it is not possible to remove the lever. The backing nuts of the door mirror are next and it will come off. Replace the old door mirror with the new one, and reassemble the door and the panel components you had previously removed in the reverse order. Before putting the door panel in place, test the mirror to make sure no adjustments are necessary. Then you are ready to driver your Chrysler down the road and use this rear viewing device as before.

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