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Dodge Door Mirror

The Dodge door mirror is there to give the driver of the vehicle an easy way of seeing what is behind them. By law there has to be at least one rear view mirror on the side of your car at all times that functions. The placement is one on whichever of the front doors or fenders that gives the driver the best visibility of what is behind them. The door mirror on your Dodge will last the life time of your car if it is not damaged by an exterior force. If you have a remote-cable or electrical adjustable door mirror, then some of the parts might wear out and replacement will be required. This can be either the cable or the electric motor depending on the type of mirror control you have on your vehicle. The replacement of the Dodge door mirror can be accomplished by the car owner if it is cracked or the cable is broken. The electric motor used for adjusting the angle will also wear out in time. To replace the door mirror, the inner door panel will likely have to be removed. Sometimes, this requires a special tool which can be purchased at most auto parts stores. The door mirror itself is only attached by two nuts on the studs of the mirror on your Dodge. For the models with the cable or electrical motor control of the angle, those components will also have to be loosened and removed from the door panel. If it is electrical, please disconnect the battery before touching any wires on your car. There is a polymer seal under the door mirror which protects the finish of your Dodge which should be replaced when the mirror is if it is damaged in any manner.

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