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Hyundai Door Mirror

The Hyundai Door Mirror has the reflective properties the driver needs to see behind them so they do not have to take their eyes off of the road in front of them and turn their head to see if it is safe to change lanes.

Many of the Hyundai door mirrors will last for as long as the vehicle is in service but unfortunately not all of them. It is the door mirror that sticks out from the flat surface of the side of the Hyundai that can be the problem for some that have to maneuver in a tight place when parking or handling traffic their vehicle. This is when the door mirror might hit a hard object and become broken or dislodged from your vehicle causing damage to it.

The replacing of the door mirror on a Hyundai is rather a simple procedure the owner can do themselves if they have a basic set of tools. Depending on the placement of the mirror on the door, the glass portion of the window might have to be up or down. Once the inner door panel is removed, this judgment can be made. What is important is that the mounting bolts for the mirror are accessible by the person doing the repair procedure. If there is a cable or electrical wires attached to it so the angle of the mirror can be remotely controlled, those too will have to be accessed and removed.

One of the most important parts of the replacement of the door mirror on a Hyundai is the placement of the polymer grommet. This is the padding between the mirror and the door body. This is how the mirror is sealed to the door so no moisture will enter the door panel in inclement weather conditions, rusting the components inside of the door.