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The aesthetic of an Oldsmobile door mirror does not take away from the important function of helping the driver to know what is behind them. The reflective component of this device cannot just wear out, but it can be damaged if it comes in contact with a hard object. The breaking of the mirror is not the most common reason for the door mirror to be in need of replacement on your Oldsmobile. The adjustments of the angle and pitch of the reflective component is now regulated by an electrical motor. It is this motor that will break down in time and require the entire assembly to be in need of replacement. The replacement procedure of the Oldsmobile door mirror is simple and straight forward just as long as a few precautions are taken. The window glass must be placed in the upper most position, and then the battery must be disconnected. This makes it possible to access the mounting bolts of the door mirror, and removes the possibility of the technician or Oldsmobile owner who is doing this repair job from accidentally becoming shocked. The last precaution requires a method of preventing the door mirror from damaging the exterior of the door's finish. This is easily done by having an assistant holding the body of the mirror while the mounting bolts are being removed. If that is not done, the old door mirror will fall away from the door when the mounting bolts are removed which could scratch the door's finish. When placing the new mirror assembly on the Oldsmobile door, make sure the polymer pad is in place. If the old one is damaged it should be replaced along with the mirror. This not only cushions the mounting of the mirror but also seals this connection so no moisture will enter the door panel causing the interior components to rust.

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