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The reflective material in the Pontiac door mirror makes it possible for the driver to be aware of the other vehicles in their vicinity. This is an auto part that generally can last for the life of the vehicle. In many of the older Pontiac vehicles where the angle and pitch of the reflective portion is done manually, there is nothing that can wear out in the door mirror. In the newer models, this adjustment of the angle and pitch is done by an electrical motor. This motor will short out in time and require the replacement of the door mirror. When the Pontiac door mirror has to be replaced, access must be gained through the inner door panel. Since there are electrical components in the door panel, the window glass should be raised to its upper most position and then the battery should be disconnected. Now you can gain access to the door mirror mounting bolts. Before the mounting bolts are loosened on the mirror, the electrical wires should be disconnected. This way the wires will not be damaged during the replacement process. Many Pontiac technicians use the wires to hold the mirror in place once the mounting bolts are removed. This stress being placed on the wires causes damage to them and could compound the problem of not having a functioning mirror in your door. It is always best to have an assistant holding the body of the mirror so damage will not occur to the wires or the finish of your Pontiac. Once the new door mirror is in place it should be tested before the inner door panel is put into place. This will check to see that the replacement procedure was done properly.

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