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The Chevrolet Door Shell and Skin is the exterior cover and frame work of the door opening device on your vehicle. The door shell and skin are basically body components that show signs of wear from being exposed to the elements in the atmosphere and from the road. This causes them to age or rust over time and be in need of replacement.

The two places the door shell and skin that are damaged and the reason for these body parts to be replaced is near the glass window opening and in the bottom sections on your Chevrolet. The most common form of damage is rust from being exposed to the salts that are placed on the road in the winter months.

Some Chevrolet owners have been known to use Bondo to make this type of repair. This is considered plastic filler and is only a temporary fix. The Bondo holds the moisture in next to the door shell and skin causing it to continue to rust over time. This just increases the damage being done to the body's exterior.

It is true that the replacement of the Chevrolet door shell and skin is a time consuming task. All of the components including the glass window and the window regulator will have to be transferred to the new components, but the end results will be a door that is unblemished. This is the real result all Chevrolet owners desire if they have to make a repair to the outer appearance of their vehicle.

If you have to replace the door shell and skin remember to mark where then hinges are placed so the alignment of the new door can be made easier.