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A functioning Ford Door Seal helps a car feel safer and warmer. This is the polymer strip that runs around the door opening that prevents the metal to metal contact when the door is closed. The door seal also helps to keep not only dirt and debris out of the interior of your Ford but also noise from the road.

As your car or truck ages, so do all of the polymer components. This includes the Ford door seals around the entrances to your vehicle. They become hard, pieces become missing and on rare occasions the door seal loses its adhesion to the metal it was previously attached to. When this occurs it is the Ford owner's option to replace them. This replacement auto part can be put into place by the owner.

Select Your ModelThe door seals come in a roll and can be one or two pieces depending on the model Ford you own. The replacement procedure is a simple one. The first step is to purchase the replacement part then prep your vehicle. This is done by removing all of the old seal from around the door. This not only includes the polymer portion of the old part but also all of the adhesive that was holding it in place. While scraping this adhesive off will accomplish this task, a mild solvent will work just as good and the finish on your vehicle will not be damage as scraping can cause. A final wash of the area where the new door seal will be placed with soap and water then allowed to dry is the best manner in which to prepare this area for the new adhesive. Only expose a small amount of the adhesive at a time when applying it around the door and take your time. Once completed shutting the door on your car or truck will be like when it was new.

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