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Chevrolet Door Window Switch

Without a properly working Chevrolet door window switch, it is impossible to raise or lower the window in your vehicle. This is the small electrical item that is positioned in the door or on the main console of the car. Like all electrical parts, the door window switch of your Chevrolet will wear out over time. It is the electrical contacts that can either become gummed up or broken which cause the door window switch to fail. In either case replacement is the only option available to the car owner. They can also become inoperable if a liquid is accidentally spilled on it. The acids in cola or coffee, for example, will eat at the contacts and require the part to be replaced. The variations of a Chevrolet door window switch will include a single switch on each of the passenger doors and a master control switch for the driver to have. This set up makes it possible for each of the passenger windows to have 2 door window switches just in case one of the fails. It also permits the driver to control all of the windows from their driving position without having to move next to the door where the window is located. All Chevrolet models are set up like this except for a few of the earlier models. The testing of the door window switch on a Chevrolet is a simple procedure. With the switch removed another switch on another door also has to be removed. By just hooking up the suspected switch to the one you know has a working window motor, the switch can be checked. This only needs to be done to the driver's door switch since all of the other window motors can be checked by the master switch.

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