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Oldsmobile Drive Belt Tensioner & Pulley

There is one Oldsmobile Drive Belt Tensioner and Pulley on the front of the engine that is equipped with a serpentine drive belt system. The drive belt tensioner and pulley is what creates the friction so each of the accessories receiving power from the centrifugal movement of the drive belt can be energized on your Oldsmobile.

The drive belt tensioner and pulley keep the drive belt tight against the other pulleys on the front of the engine by utilizing a powerful spring in its makeup. As time progress and your vehicle ages, the spring in the drive belt tension and pulley will lose some of its ability to provide this necessary tension against the serpentine belt. When that occurs, the accessories, like the A/C compressor and power steering pump might not receive the centrifugal power because the serpentine belt slips on their pulley causing the accessories not to function at their full capacity or function at all in some instances.

The owner of the Oldsmobile can inspect this belt tension very easily. This inspection requires the engine to be running and the hood up. The owner should be watching the movement of the Oldsmobile drive belt tension and pulley as the engine is operating. There should be a steady pull against the belt as the Oldsmobile engine is running. This is how this component provides the required friction for the other components on the front of the engine to operate. If the drive belt tensioner and pulley appears to be moving instead of being held steady, the spring has become worn and should be replaced. If a worn tensioner and pulley is not replaced, the belt will begin to flap around on the other pulleys damaging the belt requiring it to also be in need of replacement.

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