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Chevrolet drum brake shoes can only be found of the rear wheels of this automaker's vehicles today. In the past drum brakes were used on the front, but since the advent of disc brakes and calipers that is no longer done. The pressure being applied to the drum brake shoes is being supplied by a wheel cylinder that is mounted on the upper portion of the backing place under the drums. It pushes out against both shoes at the same time with equal force. If the brake shoes are not adjusted properly, the brake pedal in the passenger compartment will have to be pushed farther down to engage the brakes on your Chevrolet. This farther pedal action in time is also an indication the brake shoes are wearing and replacement might be necessary. The Chevrolet drum brake shoes can be adjusted in two ways. A brake spoon can be inserted into the slot at the bottom of the backing plate of the drum and adjusted by increasing the length of this part. A second method of adjusting the rear shoes on your Chevrolet is to place the car in reverse and go backwards then slamming on the brakes. This will move the adjuster one notch. This second method takes longer but requires no special tools. The rear drum brake shoes are also the part in which the parking brake works on your Chevrolet. This is a manual cable that directly attached to them. It is the action part of this system that prevents your vehicle from moving when the parking brake is activated. It is also the manual braking system that can assist you in slowing your car down if you have a failure in your hydraulic braking system.