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Dodge Drum Brake Shoes

The Dodge drum brake shoes are the stopping force for most of the older Dodge models. This is the actual part that comes in contact with the brake drums surface and wears over time. Today these are only found on the rear wheels, but in the past there were cars and trucks with 4 wheel drum brake systems. There are two drum brake shoes found on each wheel with this type of braking system. The drum brake shoe with the smaller amount of braking material on it is the one that is facing the front of the vehicle. The one with a greater amount of surface area is the rear facing part. A Dodge owner can replace the drum brake shoes if they can remember where all of the springs are mounted. There are 5 or more different springs on a Dodge drum brake shoe assembly and they must be placed in the correct location and in the proper order to function correctly. This is complicated enough that new mechanics keep one wheel off for use as a reference when changing the drum brake shoes on a vehicle. With this in mind the owner of the car or truck should either take a picture or have their vehicle on blocks so both brake assemblies can be viewed at the same time. The improper placement of just one spring can cause the drum brake assembly not to function correctly on your Dodge car or truck. There are specialty tools that assist the owner of the Dodge in removing and replacing the springs which make the repair job easier. They can be found at any auto parts store.