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The Ford drum brake shoes are the replacement parts most often changed on the rear braking system of your vehicle. Older vehicles will have them on the front as well. These are the components that will wear out over time because they are applying the friction against the inside area of the drums. There are two drum brake shoes per wheel on your Ford. The smaller shoe is facing forward and the larger one is on the rear of the brake assembly. To view them, the drums would have to be removed. The upper portion of the drum brake shoes are attached to the wheel cylinder. The lower portion is the automatic adjuster to help keep the brake close to the surface of the drums. They are held in place my multiple springs. The replacement of the Ford drum brake shoes occurs about half as often as disc brake pads if you have them in the front. The reason for this is the brake bias is set to apply twice the braking force to the front brakes as to the rear. It is still advisable to check the drum brake shoes each time the front brake pads are changed on your Ford model. The drum brake shoes can be replaced by the owner but a special spring removal tools should be used. They make this repair job significantly easier but a pair of pliers and screw drivers can be used if needed. The placement of the springs that hold the shoes in place is critical and must be put back in place exactly as they were when taken off. Once in place on your Ford, the drum brake shoes need to be adjusted. This can be done with a brake spoon moving the adjuster through the back opening. The backing up of your vehicle and slamming on the brakes will also adjust the rear brakes, it will just take longer.