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Plymouth Van Drum Brake Shoe
The Plymouth Drum Brake Shoes have both a front and a rear shoe in each set that is fitted to your vehicle. The drum brake shoe that is fitted on the forward side of the drum brake assembly on your Plymouth is smaller than the one on the rear. This is unlike the disc brake pads in which both pads are identical.

On the older Plymouth models the drum brake shoes can be on both the front and back wheel assemblies. On all more recent models the drum style of braking system is only found on the rear of the vehicle. Because of the braking bias on vehicles that place twice the braking potential of the vehicle on the front braking system, the rear drum brake shoes are replaced on about every other brake job that is preformed on the vehicle.

The most complicated part of the replacement procedure of the Plymouth drum brake shoes is the correct placement of all the springs that hold them in place and make it possible for the shoes to be retracted from the drum surface once the hydraulic pressure being applied to them is released. There is a minimum of six springs in place performing this function for each drum brake assembly.

Because the exact placement of the springs is so critical, many technicians take both drums off of the vehicle but only dissemble one side at a time during the replacement of the drum brake shoes when the vehicle is in the shop. This same process of only doing one side at a time is also how most Plymouth owners carry out the brake procedure when they are doing it themselves.