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The Pontiac Drum Brake Shoes are the brake components that the creation of friction is made so the vehicle can be slowed down and stopped in a control fashion. On each drum brake assembly on a Pontiac there are two drum brake shoes. The one placed facing the front of the vehicle is smaller than the one facing the rear. These brake components are not interchangeable with each other and must be placed in the correct position for the brakes to function as they were designed too.

The Pontiac drum brake shoes are generally only found on the rear wheel assemblies of most vehicles of this auto maker. The front braking system used on these models has utilized the disc braking system which is more efficient. The drum systems are still in use because they do perform their task adequately and make it cheaper for the makers of the Pontiac to produce a vehicle that can be competitively priced.

The drum brake shoes are not only attached to the hydraulic braking system on your Pontiac but also the manual one. The manual braking system is more commonly referred to as the parking brake system. The drum brake shoes are attached to the manual system via a cable and can be used to slow the vehicle down when the hydraulic system has failed.

The replacement of the drum brake shoes should be scheduled half as often as the disc brake pads. The reason for the less frequency in their need to be replaced is because the brake bias places twice the amount of brake force on the front disc than on the rear drums each time the brakes are used by the driver.