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The Toyota drum brake shoes are activated by the hydraulic pressure pushing out from the pistons in the wheel cylinders. This is how the drum brake shoes are forced against the smooth surface inside of the drums that creates the required friction to stop the vehicle. This type of braking system can only be found on the rear wheels of a Toyota today, but on older cars it could be found on the front. There are two Toyota drum brake shoes on every wheel where this type of braking system is being utilized. The front shoe is smaller than the rear and they are not interchangeable if you desire the brake to function as designed. Unlike the front brake pads that are held in the brake caliper and only two bolts have to be removed for them the be changed, the drum brake shoes are held in place by about half a dozen springs. All but two are different in shape, length and position and must be put in the correct place for this braking system to function. The parking brake is also directly attached to the drum brake shoes on your Toyota. If this is the first time you are attempting to take on this procedure, then do as beginner technicians do. Pull off both brake drums but only disassemble one at a time. This will give you a reference on where each of the springs is located and how they are to be attached to the shoe and the backing plate of the drum braking system. There are several of the springs that have different ends and must be positioned correctly for the entire system to function as it was designed to. This will enable even a beginner to replace the drum brake shoes correctly on their Toyota.