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Dodge Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder

It is the Dodge drum brake wheel cylinders that receive the pressurized hydraulic fluid which activates this part so pressure can be applied to the brake shoes in this system. Most of the time, each drum brake has one drum brake wheel cylinder. The ends of this part are connected to the front and rear brake shoe inside of the drum. If a puddle of brake fluid is noticed on the pavement in the area associated with the rear wheel, a leaking drum brake wheel cylinder should be the first part inspected for failure. On most current Dodge models the drum braking system can be found on the rear wheels. The replacement of the drum brake wheel cylinder requires the shoes of the brake assembly to be removed before it can be replaced. Because this part is not removed unless being replaced, the mounting bolts may be difficult to remove along with the hydraulic hose line that feeds into it. It is located on the top portion of the backing plate in the middle. The first thing to do is to loosen and remove the brake line. Do not attempt to remove the Dodge drum brake wheel cylinder by removing the mounting bolts first then the brake line. This could result in the brake line becoming twisted and damaged requiring it to be replaced on your Dodge. Once the drum brake wheel cylinder is replaced and mounted with the brake line attached, the brake shoes need to be put into place before this closed loop hydraulic system is bled. This bleeding is done to remove all air that might have become trapped in the system during the replacing of this part on your Dodge.

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