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Select Your VehicleThough the cars may not have sold in huge numbers, online Eagle parts are not hard to find. If you need new replacement items, then you've come to the right place - CPD has a great selection of new replacement components. Don't waste time at your local auto store looking for genuine OEM or aftermarket parts, shop with us today.

History of Eagle Cars

Eagle LogoThe brand was born from Chrysler's acquisition of AMC in 1987. In fact, the name paid homage to the last US-made American Motors vehicle, the AMC Eagle. All of these cars were badge engineered, re-branded vehicles produced by other car manufacturers using identical parts with the exception of emblems and trim. The marque never got traction in any market, and often times competed more against its Chrysler, Dodge, or Mitsubishi cousins than other vehicles produced by rival manufacturers. Still, the Vision and Talon sold a combined quarter of a million units in their brief lives.

Performance enthusiasts are big fans of the AWD turbo sports cars, who use a mixture of aftermarket Eagle components to greatly increase boost and strengthen the drivetrain. A quick search online yields thousands of videos showing tuned Talons on the drag strip, and the cars are known for being an economical foundation for building a fast race car. is not associated with AMC or Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in any manner. All images and references to the Eagle name, vehicle model names, logo and shapes are for reference and identification only. All trademarks, tradenames and/or service marks are the property of their respective holders.