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A joint venture between Chrysler's AMC division and Renault to produce a full-size, near-luxury car gave way to the Eagle Premier. The exterior was designed by famed Italian designer Giorgietto Giugiaro, known for his work with Lotus, DeLorean, VW, and more. It was attached to the Renault 25 frame, and would include an interior that was developed in-house by AMC. It was flooded with every electronic convenience available at the time, and even converted some controls that would normally be manually actuated by a lever (such as turn signals) into push-buttons. Clearly, Richard Teague was a fan of buttons. Sales figures over its 5-year life were not great, and the discontinuation of the Premier brought an end to Chrysler's partnership with Renault and signaled the winding down of the Eagle brand as a whole. Fun fact: while Eagle Premier parts were unique to that car at the time of its debut, many of its design features continued to live on after 1992 in the platforms of other Chrysler products - mainly LH platform vehicles.

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