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In an attempt to appeal to just about every market segment in the country, Chrysler commissioned the manufacturing of the Eagle Summit by Mitsubishi Motors. The Summit was a subcompact 2-door or 4-door rebadged version of Mitsubishi's Mirage, and a completely capable and well-built car that easily endured the 100,000-mile test. It was sold at Jeep Eagle dealerships in order to mix the offering at each dealership - just in case someone looking for an SUV could somehow be steered into buying a subcompact, or vice versa. The real theory behind this mix was that even though the sentiment in the US was to buy American-made vehicles, the Japanese makers were producing better small cars. Chrysler sought to create a brand with an "American-made" image while at the same time delivering a reliable and low-cost product, so it formed Diamond-Star Motors in Illinois. Along with Mitsubishi Motors it began producing Eagle cars based on Mitsubishi vehicles at that plant. Thus, many of the Eagle Summit parts are the same as its Japanese counterpart. Fun fact: there is a mountain in Alaska called Eagle Summit.