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When the Eagle Premier was retired, it was replaced by the much more handsome and pleasantly designed Eagle Vision. It was essentially a rebadged Chrysler Concorde, so most Eagle Premier parts are going to be interchangeable. This was likely Eagle's best engineered vehicle, taking all of its technology from Chrysler's LH platform and adding a sleek, European inspired body shell. Performance was decent, size was on the larger side (but as a full-size executive vehicle, this was expected), and sales were pretty reasonable. The only thing that killed the Vision's chances of continuing past 1997 was Chrysler's decision to end the Eagle brand. Rather than a redesign for the next generation, Chrysler created the 300M. Fun fact: an eagle's vision is so advanced that while it descends on its prey the eye adjusts its own curvature to maintain focus - essentially zooming like a camera lens.