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Is your car not passing a smog test? Then the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system might be to blame. The system helps your engine run more efficiently and cleaner by re-circulating some of the exhaust gases and running it through the combustion process again. The EGR valve uses a tube or a line to route the gas from the exhaust manifold back to the intake manifold. The gas can leave residue which can build up over time and cause a clog n the valve or tube. The high heat of these gases can also damage the line which will result in a leak in the system. A bad EGR tube can also lead to a knocking sound in the engine and can cause your check engine to come on.

In a typical gasoline engine, 5 % to 15% of the exhaust gas is routed back to the intake through the EGR line. This process reduces the amount of harmful emission released into the atmosphere by your automobile. The gases that are returned via the EGR tube are mixed with the air from the intake and help to cool the combustion process. The cooler temperatures in the engine prevent the formation of dangerous nitrogen related gases. Most modern engines require the EGR system to meet emissions standards.

If you are going to replace a broken EGR tube, this is a good time to also inspect the valve and the vacuum lines, and replace them if needed as well. Before you can remove the bad line you will have to get to it, which might involve removing some air intake parts or anything that in the way. The pipe will either be held into place by bolts on a flange or screwed onto a connector. Be sure all the lines are disconnected from the EGR tube before pulling it from the engine.

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