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Dodge EGR Valve & Motor

The Dodge EGR Valve can be vacuum operated as they are on the older vehicles or be equipped with an EGR Motor like the newer models are today. Either way it will still reticulated the exhaust gases your engine produces to help increase the fuel mileage and performance of your power plant under the hood of your Dodge.

The Dodge EGR motor and valve were one of the first smog reduction devices introduced to vehicles back in the 1970's. On the older style ones that utilize a polymer diaphragm, it is the diaphragm that fails requiring the device to be in need of replacement. On the new models the electrical EGR motor will fail in time so the valve will no longer be functional.

With a faulty EGR valve on your Dodge, the mileage and performance will slowing be negatively affected. If your vehicle has an onboard computer, a check engine light will illuminate on the dashboard indicating there is a faulty component on your engine.

The purpose of the EGR system is to introduce the exhaust gases to the combustion chamber so the new allotment of air and fuel being brought into the combustion chamber will be pre-warmed so a more complete ignition of them can occur. When this does not occur, the fuel is not completely ignited which produces less power with each stroke of the engine.

The longer a faulty valve is left on your vehicle, the worse the situation will become. This will cost the owner of the Dodge more at the service station because of the decrease in fuel mileage. The new EGR valve will pay for itself over time in fuel savings.

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