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Ford EGR Valve & Motor

The new style of Ford EGR valve and motor has replaced the older version that was vacuum operated. Because this emission control device now has an electrical component, it may eventually wear out and fail during the life of your Ford vehicle. The typical placement of the EGR valve is on or near the intake manifold of the engine. This is one of the earliest emission control devices that returns a small portion of the exhaust gases back to the combustion chamber. When it fails, the Ford engine will not be able to achieve its maximum performance and it will also fail the emission standards set by your local administration. In theory, the Ford EGR valve motor helps to increase the temperature of the air and fuel mixture before it is ignited in the combustion chamber. This increases the amount of this mixture to be consumed in the explosion that takes place increasing the potential horsepower of each stroke the engine takes. To replace the EGR valve motor when it fails is easy. The most difficult part is actually locating the EGR valve under the hood of your Ford. In many instances other components are on the top of it and will have to be removed so access to it can be achieved. Once access is made it can be removed. The surface where it makes contact with the engine has to be cleaned of all the old gasket material so a perfect seal can be made with the new part. With the new EGR valve and motor bolted in place your engine is ready to pass inspection and provide you with a small amount of increased horsepower the engine will no produce.

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