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Pontiac EGR Valve & Motor

It is the Pontiac EGR Valve and Motor that help to improve your fuel efficiency when you are traveling down the road. The manner in which this auto component works is in its name. The term ERG valve and motor refers to how the exhaust gas return to the intake system so the temperature of the combustion chamber can be raised in assisting the fuel to be ignited.

In the past this ERG valve did not have a motor but just a diaphragm that made it possible for the valve to open and close on your Pontiac. To make it more efficient an electrical motor was hooked up to it along with a sensor. Just like all electrical devices, the motor that opens the EGR valve will fail over time from being used.

When the Pontiac EGR valve and motor fail, the fuel mileage will begin to dip slightly. Unless you keep track of this category on your vehicle, it might go unnoticed but you engine will know it is not working. When the EGR valve and motor are not operating, more and more of the fuel being injected into the combustion chamber will not be ignited.

Not only will the fuel mileage of your Pontiac suffer but also the overall performance of the engine. Since the air and fuel mixture is not warmed up, there will be a slight hesitation to the explosion that will occur. For a sensitive driver, they will be able to feel this in just how response their Pontiac is to the way their car accelerates. In reality your car will sputter and for most that is an embarrassment that can be avoided.

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