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The placement of Buick Seals and Gaskets on your vehicle covers the vehicle from one end to the other. Anywhere there are two metal components joined together there is a seal or gasket. The gaskets are used to seal the flat metal surfaces while the seals are mainly used on moving shafts and sliding components on your Buick.

The design of each individual seal and gasket is made specifically for its application it is to be used in. As an example, the cylinder head seals and gaskets can only be used to seal the joint between the cylinder head and the engine block. They are designed to not only seal but to compensate for the expansion of these joints when the engine heats up and expands. If the wrong gasket or seal is used the sealing of the joint will not be possible.

The materials the seals and gaskets are made from are made specifically for their application. Most of the seals on your Buick are made of a high density polymer. They are designed to withstand a great deal of pressure and many are reinforced with fibers to help prolong their lives. The gaskets are made of paper, cork and composite material.

When you are in need of a specific Buick seal or gasket, you should know the model, year and engine size before ordering the component. It is also advisable to know just what it should look like so you will know it when you see a picture of it or actually observe the new component. This is the only way to makes sure you are receiving the component you need to complete the repair job you have scheduled on your Buick vehicle.

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