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There are literally Chevrolet Seals and Gaskets from the front bumper of your vehicle to the rear bumper. Anywhere there is a metal to metal junction of components; there is either a seal or gasket present to help contain the fluids of the operating system of your Chevrolet. Each one is made specifically for its application by the material it is made form, its size or thickness.

The location of the greatest concentration of seals and gaskets is under the hood off your Chevrolet. This is where your power plant is located along with most of the operating systems that utilize a form of liquid in their operations. These seals and gaskets are made out of metal, polymers, cork and composite materials to name a few. Each one is designed to withstand the stresses it will experience on the system is has been made for.

When it comes time for the owner of a Chevrolet to order any of the seals and gaskets they might need for a repair procedure on their vehicle there are several things that must be known first. This has to include not only the make and model of your vehicle but also the year it was manufactured and any special edition it might be. There are slight differences in the parts along with the sealing bodies used in the Chevelle and the SS Chevelle as an example. Obtaining the incorrect Chevrolet seal or gasket is not the end of the world, but it could increase the cost of the repair procedure along with the additional time required for its completion. This is why it is advisable to also know what the replacement part should look like before it is ordered.

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