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It is the Ford Seals and Gaskets that form the containment barriers on your vehicle to keep the many fluids your car or truck has in place so their properties can be best utilized by the other components.

The differences in the seals and gaskets that are used on your Ford are the functions on how they are utilized. The gaskets are primarily used when two pieces of are joined together. In most instances these are flat surfaces like the heads and engine block on your motor. Those joints are sealed with a gasket made of a composite material that keeps the oil in its system along with the coolant in its system. This junction has many seals and gaskets, but the seals used in the area of your Ford are for the valves and other moving round components to help keep the fluids, mainly oil, in place so it can lubricate the moving parts.

One of the most forgotten sets of seals and gaskets are on the light assemblies on the exterior of your Ford. Depending on the model you own, the lens covers can use a seal or a gasket. This barrier is in place to prevent moisture from leaking in and shorting out the bulb and corroding the socket. It only takes a pinhole for moisture to leak in causing this type of undesirable problem for the owner.

There is no unimportant Ford seal or gasket on your vehicle. Each one is an important barrier to not only help keep fluids in but dirt and debris out of specific areas so the longevity of your Ford can be maintained. If you locate a faulty seal or gasket, it is best to change it out so containment of that system can be reestablished.

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