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The only purpose of the Pontiac Seals and Gaskets is to provide a containment barrier for a fluid that must be kept in place. The seals and gaskets on the engine are in place to keep the oil and coolant in place so they can be best utilized by the Pontiac engine in its normal operations.

When any of the seals and gaskets on the Pontiac engine or elsewhere on the vehicle breaks containment, not only does the fluid leak out making a mess, but the level of the fluid where it is needed drops. In most instances the loss of fluid from the breach in the seals or gasket is then replaced by air. In the case of the hydraulic braking system, the replacement of air from the lost fluid causes the system to malfunction. This is also true in the power steering system and vertical control devices on your Pontiac since air can easily be compressed while the hydraulic fluid cannot.

Not only is the loss of fluids that failing seals and gaskets cause a problem for the components on your vehicle, but the fluids themselves can do damage when they come in contact with components that are not suppose to be saturated with those fluids. Sensors and other electronic components are the most susceptible to this type of failure. In some instances the electronic component can just be cleaned up, but in others only replacement is resolve the situation because the leaking fluid has causes a short to occur.

The failing of any Pontiac seal or gasket is much more than just a simple eye sore. It will lead to other components to fail and be in need of replacement if the leak is not addressed in a short allotment of time.

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