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The Honda engine and motor mounts are what hold your engine in place under the hood. These components are made out of both metal and polymer sections so they can properly perform their duties. The general set up for the engine and motor mounts is to have one on each side of the Honda engine and one in the rear on the transmission. With this configuration the sideways rotation of the engine when it is running is minimized along with the movement in the back so the power being generated by the engine will be held in place so it can be utilized. It is the polymer components of the engine and motor mounts that wear over time and are usually the cause for them to be replaced. When looking at the front of the Honda engine, the rotation of the inner workings of the engine will be in a counterclockwise movement. This inherently sends the driver's side of the engine up and forces the passenger's side of the engine down. For this reason the most often engine and motor mount that breaks is the one on the side that receives this downward rotational force. A driver will notice a problem if one of the engine or motor mounts breaks when the engine lunges up and hits the hood of the vehicle. This is in a severe situation. Before that occurs the engine would have been moving excessively under the hood and would be noticed if the owner is observant. If this movement is not contained by new components, the engine could theoretically jump out of the engine compartment. The replacement of the Honda engine and motor mounts is accomplished by disconnected them and jacking the engine up. This allows for the failed component to be removed and replaced on your Honda.

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