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Chances are pretty good you've been taking your car to a mechanic or the dealership like clockwork every three months or three-thousand miles, right? Chances are also pretty good you just let out a tiny "ha!" right? It's common knowledge since the invention of the automobile that a car needs engine oil to keep things running smoothly. It's also common knowledge that what started out as clean, golden smoothness turns into black, goopy pitch within a matter of months. The reason for this is explosions! Sitting in the front (mostly) of your car is a heavy, metal pyrotechnic pump called an engine. All those little booms create deposits, which are the physical leftovers sort of like microscopic ash. These find their way into the pan because it's the piston rings' job to sweep all that junk down into the hot bath and off the inside of the cylinders. After an inevitable while, the engine oil becomes thicker and darker, and no longer lubricates the insides as well as when it was fresh. This is the reason it needs to be changed regularly.

The most noticeable result of old or not enough engine oil is a drop in the car or truck's performance. Without fresh engine juice, it needs to work harder to move all the little pieces connecting the pistons to the crankshaft. In addition to limiting the movement of these parts, a lack of fresh oil also causes a rise in the friction temperature, which can cause some serious damage to the internal components, including gaskets and seals. Having it changed at regular intervals will reduce the occurrence of expensive repairs down the road.

Before purchasing oil, be sure to do some homework by finding out what oil weight your vehicle requires for the season you're currently driving in. Car Parts Discount has a broad selection of oil available for many different makes and models at the lowest possible prices.