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If you notice a strange noise coming from the engine compartment of your vehicle you may have an exhaust leak due to defective exhaust manifold nuts or studs. This situation hinders engine performance and increases fuel consumption. When an exhaust manifold is not correctly sealed and secured to the engine then several issues may develop. The best time to inspect this situation is when the motor is cold to avoid getting burned. If you feel air escaping between the engine and the manifold assembly then an issue exists that must be addressed immediately. You should perform a thorough visual inspection of the manifold mounting hardware. It may be rusted, damaged, or even missing. Exhaust manifold leaks can cause extensive damage to engine components and can also present safety issues. Unfiltered exhaust containing large amounts of carbon dioxide is being released into the engine compartment. These gases could enter the interior of the truck or car presenting a serious safety concern. This situation will also cause possible damage to the exhaust valves which creates a very extensive repair requirement. Emission components are also adversely affected due to inaccurate readings. Proper replacement of faulty exhaust manifold nuts and studs is essential.

Exhaust manifold studs and nuts work together to properly secure the manifold to the heads on a motor that seal it appropriately and prevent exhaust leaks from occurring. They are also used on the outlet of the manifold to secure the exhaust pipe or in some applications the catalytic converter. The stud will normally utilize to different thread designs with a small dead space separating them. A course thread pattern is incorporated on the end that screws into the head assembly. Then a smaller thread pattern is normally used on the other end where the exhaust manifold nut is installed.

Replacing exhaust manifold nuts can have several variables depending on the car, truck or SUV you are accomplishing the repair process on. You will be required the remove any obstructions or components that hinder access to the manifold. You should apply a generous amount of penetrating oil to the hardware and allow it to soak in before beginning the removal process. This procedure is essential to limit the possibility of the studs breaking because they become brittle due to the heat they endure. You should inspect the manifold gasket to determine its serviceability and if you question it at all this would be the ideal time to replace it. When installing the new exhaust manifold studs and nuts you should install them by hand to avoid a cross threading situation which is never good. Appropriate technical data should be consulted to assist you and provide the required torque specifications for your engine.

When purchasing your new exhaust manifold nuts quality is essential because the ability of them to hold up and last longer is very important. We need our vehicles to be dependable and safe to provide ourselves and our families reliable transportation and exhaust leaks remove the safety aspect. Cars Parts Discount is your headquarters for quality and reliable exhaust parts you can depend on with an affordable price tag. CPD provides quality service and immediate delivery for your convenience and their online store is always open. When purchasing exhaust manifold studs or other replacement parts for your vehicles you need the best parts available.