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Aftermarket & OEM Exhaust System - Performance

Nothing brings out the true nature of your car's engine like a performance exhaust system. Going from the exhaust manifold to the muffler, the system will do its best to properly allow exhaust fumes to escape from the engine and give your car the best sound. The better airflow can also give your engine more power. Sports cars and exotic cars often use special exhaust system to get the maximum amount of power from the engine. Some types come with different styles of mufflers and resonators to give a low rumbling sound or bark. Some may have special mufflers that provide an ever quieter exhaust note.

Exhaust systems were on all vehicles with an internal combustion engine because there had to be a way to clear the hot exhaust gases from the engine to aid in cooling. There also need to be a muffler to quiet the sound of the engine. By the 1960s, aftermarket performance exhaust such as glasspacked and cat-back systems became popular. These systems offered better airflow, more performance and better sound. They are usually made out of metal and may be chrome covered for show.

Here are some general instructions on how to install a performance exhaust system. They are not vehicle specific but just listed here to give you a general idea of what it entails. Be sure that you have all the correct parts and required tools before beginning work. Lift the vehicle so that you can clearly see underneath it. If it is there, remove the old exhaust system with the catalytic convertor. Assemble the new exhaust leaving room to make adjustments if needed. Make sure that the cat convertor is in place. Once all the pieces are in place including the hanging brackets, then it is OK to tighten the parts together. Lower the vehicle and you should be ready to go.

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