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If you experience a rubbing sound coming from the vicinity of one of the wheel wells on your vehicle you may have a defective fender liner creating this issue. You should perform a visual inspection of the wheel wells and check the condition and the security of the liners. When they are not secured appropriately then damage to other associated components may occur. This malfunction can also have a negative impact of the handling ability and safety of the car or truck. When they are making contact with wheels, tires, drive shafts, or brake components this must be corrected immediately to avoid more extensive repair requirements. Fender liners are essential to road noise reduction and preventing damage to other body panel components.

Fender liners are normally constructed of non-corrosive materials such as plastic, rubber or a combination of the two. Their function is to seal the wheel well of a car, truck, or SUV and dampen road noise as well as protect body panels. They create a barrier to prevent water, dirt, and snow from entering the engine bay of the vehicle. They also provide a seal for fender assemblies to prevent dirt and water from accumulating on the inter lip causing rust to form. These components play a key role in ride comfort and corrosion prevention.

Replacing a fender liner is a pretty easy procedure in most circumstances depending of the automobile involved in the process. Placing the vehicle on jack stands and removing the tire will facilitate this procedure. They are normally secured utilizing a combination of screws and plastic retaining clips. The best practice is to install new retaining clips when installing a new liner to insure that it is appropriately secured. During the installation process it is very important that the new device seated in place correctly.

When buying a replacement fender liner it must be the correct OEM part specifically made for the automobile to function properly. We depend on the vehicles we drive to be a dependable mode of transportation and this requires quality repairs performed using quality parts. Car Parts Discount is the best source for the quality parts you need and the awesome customer service you deserve.