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Most of the metal replacement Chevrolet fenders on the market today are for older classic cars. These cars are usually 30 years or older. The fenders available for Chevrolets also include ones made for trucks. These older fenders for Chevrolet are made out of 18 to 20 gauge steel. The ones they are replacing could have been involved in an accident and have been damaged. They could also have wear and corrosion from the salt used on the roads each year during the wintertime causes rust deposits to form. It is true many Chevrolet owners wish to have damaged fenders repaired instead of being replaced. This is a time consuming process which required an experienced body man to carry out this type of repair. It is possible for the car owner to make this type of repair, but most are not experienced in this type of metal work and use a product called Bondo. This is a plastic filler which over time will absorb moisture and crack. The surface under this filler will also rust. This section of the surface will also never be perfect or pass the magnet test used by most collectors to inspect a car's body. No true car collector will have any vehicle that has Bondo on its surface no matter what the reason given. To have an all metal Chevrolet fender, replacement is the best and lowest cost method of achieving a good looking car again after it has been in an accident or has become rusted. Replacement fenders are made to the same specifications as the originals. The repair job is also easier with them because all you need to do is remove the old one and bolt on the new part.