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Ford Fog Light & Lens

The Ford Fog Light and lens that cover them are there to provide additional lighting so the road close to the vehicle can be more clearly seen in inclement weather conditions. Fog lights on a Ford or any other vehicle are placed in the lower front area of the vehicle. They are in place so the road just feet and yards away can be seen by the driver when they are traveling in adverse weather conditions.

Because of their position on the vehicle, the Ford fog light lenses take more punishment from road debris than any other light lens on your vehicle. This causes the fog light lenses to become more scratched at a faster pace than the others and be in need of replacement more often. This is a reality most Ford owners with fog lights just grunt and bare with since they are usually an aftermarket accessories that will enhance the beauty and looks of the vehicle they are placed on.

The fog light lenses can be clear or amber. Both provide the necessary illumination of the road when heavy fog or rains are encountered and the road cannot be clearly seen with the standard head lights. While most of these accessories are put into place for looks, they do provide this important service so the driver will be able to see the road. This makes traveling in the vehicle by the passengers a safer trip and an increased chance of them reaching their destination intact more likely. It is just hopeful that the owner of the Ford remembers to change out the old, scratched and damaged lenses periodically so the correct amount of light can penetrate the lens and shine on the road ahead of the vehicle.

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