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Ford E-250 Econoline Parts

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Continuing to build on the success of the E-150, the E-250 Econoline was a great offering for customers who wanted the utility of a full-size van and needed more towing and hauling power. For this model, the larger Windsor 351ci V8 or the Ford 385-series big block 460ci V8 were available, and gross combined weight ratings (payload + towing capacity) increased. These lent themselves well to fleets that wanted to order chassis on frame conversions to serve as buses, ambulances, moving trucks, etc. Though it was never built with factory 4-wheel drive, cutaways could also be made with aftermarket drive trains that would accommodate it. Many of the second generation vans (1992-2002) are still on the road today, and replacement Ford E-250 Econoline parts are still in ready supply for anyone who wants to preserve their favorite full-size van. Fun fact: "E250" is a name used by Ford to designate a full-size van, by Mercedes to designate their mid-size sedan with a diesel engine, and by Samsung on an older, slide-style cell phone.