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Gasoline is flammable, dangerous and most importantly expensive. It has to be safely stored and accessed. Early cars used large exposed tanks on the exterior of the vehicles with fill holes under a cap. Better packaging and safety standards led to tanks being placed underneath the car and safely in an area where it would be hard for them to be damaged. The only way to access the tank was now through a small opening panel on the quarter panels. This is the fuel filler door. The door is a solid circular or rectangular piece that swings on hinges to allow access to a filler neck. It is usually made from the same material as the body but may be steel, aluminum or plastic.

It is common for these parts to break off or have the hinges separate. If this happens, the gas cap will be exposed which may make it easy for thieves to siphon gas or just make the car look bad. Your car may not pass a state inspection if it is missing a door. Install the fuel filler door by removing and replacing the hinge pins and bushings on the door. It should be painted to match the body color of the vehicle. Carefully test it to make sure that it swings open and shut easily without damaging the body of the car. It may also need rubber stops to prevent it from closing too hard against the metal of the vehicle.

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