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Audi Fuel Filter

The particulates the Audi Fuel Filter removes from the fuel allows for the fuel injectors and other components in the intake system to remain unclogged so they can perform their tasks on your vehicle. Because of the use of the new style of fuel injection systems on your Audi, the need for extra clean fuel in very important.

Unlike the days when a carburetor was used on Audis, the newer fuel injectors have smaller openings and require the replacement of the fuel filter more often. This way the fuel injectors can produce an atomized spray of fuel into the cylinders instead of a dribble.

When it comes time for the fuel filter to be replaced on your Audi, a precaution should first be taken. This is the removal of the ignition key from its socket. The fuel pump on your vehicle is electrical. Because of this every time your ignition key is turned on, the fuel system is pressurized. By removing the key, the technician or owner can be assured there will be no pressure in the system so a spray of fuel will not occur when the seal on the fuel filter is broken.

The Audi fuel filter has to be put into place correctly. There should be an arrow indicating the direction of the fuel flow on the filter. If this simple set of directions is not adhered to, then an insufficient amount of fuel will reach the engine.

To help keep the fuel as clean as possible it is recommended that a new fuel filter be fitted to your vehicle during the routine tune-up procedure. This way the amount of particulates in the filter will never reach it saturation point and the fuel will have the ability to flow in sufficient amount so the power of your engine can be achieved as it is desired.

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