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Chevrolet Fuel Filter

The Chevrolet fuel filter is an often forgotten auto part that affects not only the mileage of your automobile but also its performance. This important part should be on every Chevrolet owner's routine maintenance schedule, and is often times replaced at least once a year or at the time of a tune-up along with the air filter. Back in the day of carburetors, the fuel filter was a small paper element that was fitted into the base of the carburetor at the fuel supply line entrance. With the new electronic fuel injection system the Chevrolet fuel filter has been moved out from under the hood of the vehicle. The fuel filter on your new Chevrolet can be found under the car; hidden in the frame in most instances on the fuel supply line from the tank. The reason it is in the frame or other place similar is to protect this element from any debris the driver might encounter on the road that could cause a puncture of this potentially explosive part. All fuel filters are made to allow the flow of fuel in only one direction. If the filter is placed in the wrong direction the check valve it contains will prevent any fuel from flowing towards the engine. On the outside of the filter is an arrow indicating which direction the fuel must flow. The arrow should be pointing towards the front of the vehicle. To test the fuel filter on your Chevrolet the fuel line on the exit portion of the filter should be removed. Then the ignition should be turned on. The engine should not be attempted to start. Because the fuel pump is electrical only the key has to be turned on to test fuel flow. If the flow is ill regular or in small amounts the filter is partially clogged and should be replaced.

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