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GMC Fuel Filter

The GMC Fuel Filter is a particle removal device to stop the minute particulates from entering your fuel system so the tiny channels and openings in it can remain clean. The cleanliness of the fuel has become very important today with the newer style of fuel injection system. No longer is the air and fuel mixed outside of the combustion chamber like the carburetors and throttle body fuel injections system did in the past. The newer fuel injectors spray atomized fuel directly into the combustion chamber. If the fuel filter does not remove the minute particulates from the fuel before it enters the fuel injectors on your GMC engine, this atomization of the fuel will be hindered.

On most GMC models the fuel filter is placed in the fuel line after it leaves the fuel tank but before it enters the engine compartment. In most instances it is in the frame of the truck so it is protected from road debris as the vehicle moves down the road. This location also makes access to the fuel filter easy so replacement is possible without the removal of any other component on your vehicle.

The appropriate time for the replacement of the GMC fuel filter is during the routine tune up procedure the vehicles engine has done to it. The air filter and PVC valve should also be replaced at this time interval.

Before installing the new fuel filter, the ignition key should be removed from the vehicle. The new fuel systems use an electrical fuel pump and with the key on, the fuel system on your GMC is pressurized. By removing the key, there is no possible way the system can become accidental pressurized causing a fuel spill and endangering the technician working on the vehicle.

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