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Pontiac Fuel Filter

The placement of the Pontiac Fuel Filter on your vehicle is determined by the type of fuel delivery system you have on your vehicle and the age of it. On the last vehicles made by Pontiac, the fuel filter is located between the fuel tank and the engine compartment in the framework under the vehicle. The type of fuel system they were equipped with had a individual fuel injectors for each cylinder and the fuel pump was electrical and in the fuel tank.

A decade ago on Pontiac vehicles the fuel system was throttle body fuel injectors. The fuel filter can be located in the throttle body itself or in the frame work under the vehicle. The fuel pumps were mechanical at first but the electrical one in the fuel tank was soon implemented for a more constant delivery of fuel.

On the older styles of Pontiac vehicle, the use of a carburetor was used to deliver fuel to the engine intake system. The Pontiac fuel filters on these models were in the carburetor's body. They are directly behind the place where the fuel line is attached to the carburetor. This system only utilized a mechanical fuel pump that was powered by the drive belt system on the front of the engine.

There is one consistency of all the different styles and types of fuel filters used on Pontiac engines. They can only be used in one direction. They have a check valve inside of them that prevents the flow of fuel in the wrong direction. For the canister type of fuel filters that fit in the frame under the vehicle, there is an arrow indicating which way it should be placed in the fuel line. The ones that fit into the carburetors, the check valve can be seen indicating which way it should be placed.

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