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Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor & Switch

Aftermarket & OEM Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor & Switch

Fuel injection pressure sensors and switches work to monitor the amount of fuel needed in the engine and responds to engine speed and driver application of the throttle. Fuel injection has been in use for a long time but did not become common on cars until the 1980s and 90s. Today it has completely replaced carburetors as the preferred method of fuel delivery on most cars and trucks. Fuel injection systems generally give better engine response, better emissions, and more power. The fuel injection pressure sensors and switches are generally small in size and made of black plastic. They can become damaged by water or dirt or they can overheat and burn with the electrical system. When this happens the engine may not run smoothly or at all. Replacing the part can return your car to the road with correctly metered fuel which will allow it to run efficiently and produce the correct horsepower.

Installing a fuel injection pressure sensor or switch can be an easy job depending on the car. Here are some non vehicle specific instructions on how to do it. Locate the sensor near the engine. The sensor is plugged in into a wire harness connector. The old one should be unplugged. It is held into place by two bolts on either side of the switch. The switch should plug into the old harness and then bolt in to same holes. Take the opportunity to thoroughly clean around the sensor and switch.

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